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"We fell in love with Clarice (now Charlie) from the moment we saw her precious little face. We had been looking for quite some time, researching many breeders, before we found Charlie. It was the breeding practices and puppy training philosophies that made us reach out to Michelle and we are so glad we did. Michelle was great to work with, so responsive and friendly. Being new to the breed and to puppies, we appreciated the time she took to set up a video call so we could meet Charlie and for her patience in answering our many, many questions. So thankful to have found such a caring and responsible breeder! As for Charlie, she just turned 18 months, just under 30 pounds (thank goodness!) and has the best personality.  She is funny and feisty, cute and cuddly ~ the best decision ever! ~ 

— Lisa & Barry F.

"We got Twain (now Lenny) back in October. He is the light of our lives, the most incredible puppy we could ever dream of and has brought so much love and laughter into our home. We could not dream of a better pup. He is calm and loving and the best cuddler in the world. He’s so smart and fun to train and a constant companion to everyone in our family. Amazing with kids and other dogs!!!

— Maddie C., Portland, OR


"Chloe is an amazing dog! She is very social and loves everyone she meets after very little time together. All of our neighbors love her. She roams our cul de sac visiting each neighbor to say "hi". Chloe is such a lover! She won’t touch her food in the morning until you have by her standards, sufficiently rubbed her tummy! We have nicknamed her shadow, because she follows me everywhere! We went through a month of training when she was four months old. The trainer said she is extremely intelligent. Too much for her own good sometimes. She is extremely obedient and well mannered. One of the best things about Chloe (aside from her amazing personality) is that she doesn’t shed. In the first four months since getting her we honestly never found a single hair!!! We have noticed a little hair in the past month or so, but it is virtually nothing. Her coat is naturally beautiful and about 5” long and looks like a wheat field blowing in the wind. Underneath that long soft hair is soft poodle hair that looks super cute when cut short for the summer. We can fully brush Chloe and barely get a handful of hair!!! We had never considered her breed before, but after having her for just 7 months, we wouldn’t hesitate to get another one someday."

— The Craigs

"I knew right away it was the right choice to get my puppy from Allison and Keith before I even met my puppy! They are so kind and caring and dedicated breeders..they raise the puppies in their own living room with love. They are great to work with and are always there to answer any questions and keep you updated with photos and videos. I picked up a stunning puppy with the sweetest, fierce personality that was highly acclimated around people and dogs. Everywhere I go people ask me what breeder I got my puppy from because of her stunning unique coloring  and of course her friendly personality. I am so thankful I found Allison and Keith. My experience with them has been wonderful and they made my life better with this jewel that has stolen my heart."

— Eglie, Seattle, WA


“Percy is a joy! Michelle and Rich's communication with us about the application, selection, adoption and transportation processes was consistently clear, open and kind. This is my family’s first dog and we had lots of questions. Helpful and informative responses throughout."

— Carolyn M., Los Angeles, CA

“If you could just see Buddy, you would understand how grateful we are to Michelle and her family. Standard Poodles (Rocky, Roxanne, and Petal) have always been a part of our family. And now, Buddy brings not only the loving temperament and quick wit that all poodles seem to share — he goes a step beyond.
Amazingly, he demonstrated his engaging personality to us the first time we met him. Sitting in Michelle’s kitchen, as we were oogling over the nine pups and their mom in their immaculate pen, we agreed that Buddy was THE ONE for us; we also agreed that if that didn’t happen (Michelle’s poodles are always in demand and there is always a waiting list), we would be ecstatic with any one of the other eight.
True to that first meeting, Buddy is loving, attentive, and handsome; he adds life, love, and fun to our home. He is always ready to play with other dogs and with children.
Thank you, Michelle and Rich!”

— Naomi & Marty R., Olympia, WA


"It’s been two months since my husband and I picked up Rusko (litter of Ember and Hayes) and we are so happy with him. We had such a positive experience with Allison and Keith—they were extremely responsive to our messages and questions (especially those around socialization with cats!), they sent us pictures, we got to meet Ember, and I appreciated how open they were to us visiting Rusko more than once before we took him home. Rusko is a great dog. He is happy, healthy, very go-with-the-flow, playful, outgoing, very smart and easy to train, and of course very cute. We’ve gotten many compliments from our trainer, friends, family, vet, and strangers. We love him so much and are so happy to have him in our family!"

— Kim L., Seattle, WA



 Australian Mountain Doodle from

Chloe and Scooter's litter

17 months old

"She is the sweetest, most well tempered and happy dog. We love her more than pretty much everything else! Very smart and quick to train, and always energetic and excited. Thank you for making our home a happier place!"


                          --The Allred's

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