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Puppy Training

If you have researched doodle breeders and how they socialize their puppies, you may have heard of Early Neurological/Bio sensory training. The purpose of this training is to give early neurological/bio sensory stimulation that has important, long-lasting, and positive effects that creates superior dogs. Please visit the AKC website to read more about the importance of early bio sensory training. 


At Evergreen Doodle Dogs we don't use professional trainers, our trainers are our children and grandchildren. We start training the puppies at four days old. Our trainers perform “holding and cuddling” exercises for our new pups and take turns doing the “upside down hold” exercise by holding the puppies upside down for five seconds, and sometimes longer. Then our older trainer steps in to help them turn the pup right side up again. The trainers also do the “hold puppy on its back” exercise while the puppy is wrapped in a blanket. For our family members who live far away they do their training by telecommuting – also known as FaceTime. They provide the “not afraid of loud noises” exercise by FaceTiming us. They squeal their love to our pups, with loud expressions of their desire to hold and squeeze them. Our trainers, like the professionals hired by some breeders, are available 24/7. When our family members are not available we take over the training ourselves; though, we have to admit that our specialists do the best job. 

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